Application for Funding and Eligible Activities

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Community Development Block Grant

Eligible Activities (applicable categories to City of Amarillo)

  • Disposition/Clearance (Demolition)
  • Public Facilities and Improvements
  • Public Services - prioritized to Homeless Services
  • Interim Assistance
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Privately-Owned Utilities
  • Rehabilitation
  • Construction of Housing
  • Code Enforcement
  • Special Economic Development Activities
  • Special Activities by CBDOs
  • Planning and Capacity Building

For more information read the following from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

 Apply for CDBG Funding here: 2019 CDBG Application Form


Eligible Activities

  • home rehabilitation financing assistance to eligible homeowners
  • build or rehabilitate housing for rent or ownership; or for "other reasonable and necessary expenses related to the development of non-luxury housing," including:
  • site acquisition or improvement
  • demolition of dilapidated housing to make way for HOME-assisted development
  • payment of relocation expenses
  • HOME funds may be used to provide tenant-based rental assistance contracts of up to 2 years if such activity is consistent with the City's Consolidated Plan and justified under local market conditions. This assistance may be renewed.

HOME-assisted rental housing must comply with certain rent limitations. HOME rent limits are published each year by HUD. The program also establishes maximum per unit subsidy limits and maximum purchase-price limits.

Some special conditions apply to the use of HOME funds. PJs must match every dollar of HOME funds used (except for administrative costs and CHDO predevelopment loans for projects that do not move forward) with 25 cents from nonfederal sources, which may include donated materials or labor, the value of donated property, proceeds from bond financing, and other resources. The match requirement may be reduced if the PJ is distressed or has suffered a Presidentially-declared disaster. In addition, PJs must reserve at least 15 percent of their allocations to fund housing to be owned, developed, or sponsored by experienced, community-driven nonprofit groups designated as Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs). PJs must ensure that HOME-funded housing units remain affordable in the long term (20 years for new construction of rental housing; 5-15 years for construction of homeownership housing and housing rehabilitation, depending on the amount of HOME subsidy). PJs have two years to commit funds (including reserving funds for CHDOs) and five years to spend funds.

Apply for HOME Program funding here: 2019 HOME APPLICATON